Terms of Use

By downloading, purchasing, or using Crochet Kitten patterns in any way whatsoever, you agree to the following terms.

Personal Use Only

Patterns are posted on CrochetKitten.com and published in Crochet Kitten books for personal use only. “Personal use” is defined by Crochet Kitten as making items for personal use, gifts, or to sell for charity; making items as an individual, sole proprietor, or single-member LLC (not a multi-member LLC or corporation) to sell on Etsy, eBay, craft fairs, or other local markets; and using the pattern as part of a crochet class. No prior permission is needed to use Crochet Kitten patterns for any of these personal uses as long as the following is observed:

  • When selling items made from Crochet Kitten’s patterns, you must use your own pictures of the item being sold and not Crochet Kitten’s.
  • You credit Crochet Kitten as the designer (either in the listing information when sold online, or if asked when sold in person).

Personal use does not include making items as a multi-member LLC or corporation to sell in any venue, online or otherwise; nor does personal use include using Crochet Kitten patterns in yarn kits or clubs without express written consent from Crochet Kitten ahead of time. (Seriously, let me know if you want to do such a thing! I generally do give permission for small businesses who are willing to profit-share and I am happy to help promote.)


Crochet Kitten recognizes that art often begets art and that crocheters may wish to modify patterns designed by Crochet Kitten. Crochet Kitten gives permission for crocheters to post modified versions of Crochet Kitten patterns on their own sites as long as the following is observed:

  • It is made clear that the pattern has been modified and the person who modified it is cited.
  • Crochet Kitten is credited as the original designer.
  • A link is provided to the original Crochet Kitten pattern.

Business Use Licensing

Businesses wishing to use Crochet Kitten patterns in any way, shape, or form may contact Crochet Kitten for business pricing and licensing agreements. Any business found to be violating the terms of use for Crochet Kitten’s patterns will be invoiced the amount of damages assessed and payment expected within 30 days. Crochet Kitten reserves the right to refer such cases of abuse to collections or a copyright attorney as needed.