Pineapple Sun Dress

This isn’t a pattern per se, but more of an encouragement for aspiring designers to begin thinking of crochet in terms of three dimensions.

For some time now I have been in love with the idea of creating a crochet pineapple dress for use as a swim cover, but I was unsure how to go about it. Since a big part of the fun of pineapples is that they can be made rhythmically in long strips, I finally decided to use those strips to my advantage by making a halter-style dress.

The strip in the front center is the longest, with each consecutive strip around the side getting one pineapple shorter until I had enough strips to fit around my body. In the back I added a single shorter fill-in strip so that the two sides of the dressed could be seamed together evenly.

Once the seam was done, all that was left was to add a pretty border on the bottom to make it the length I wanted, and some neck ties at the top. And with that, I am officially ready for the beach.