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Mardi Gras Masque

This week our family was invited to our first Mardi Gras celebration since before we had children, but ah non! Times are tough post-COVID, and this year I’ve resolved to try to make-do or make-new before I go out and buy anything. Thank goodness I have my crochet skills to fall back on! Why go out and buy a Mardi Gras mask when I can whip one up from scrap materials I already have on hand? This beauty works up in just a couple of hours, so you’ll be ready for even last-minute celebrations.

Light-Up Crochet Star Ornament

It’s Christmas time at our house, and that means our dining room has become an impromptu Santa’s workshop for the month of December. Our family has a tradition of making Christmas ornaments to send with our Christmas cards each year, and this year I’ve been eyeing these fairy lights and thinking, “I bet I could crochet that.” And so my idea for light-up crochet star ornaments was born.

Fidget Sensory Toy

Fidget toys are often used in the autistic and ADHD communities for children who have trouble sitting still in class. The idea is to give their hands (or feet) something quiet to do in order to free up their brains to focus on their teacher.

Shining Armor

As the mother of a daughter, I am concerned about raising a child to believe she is not helpless. As encouraging as it’s been to see the trend of princesses in pop culture rescuing themselves lately, we decided our little princess needed her very own set of armor. Of course, this armored chest plate is suitable for boys as well.

Neko No Unchi

Join Neko No Unchi on her magical adventures through the rainbow forest as she tells stories, sings songs, and learns about the meaning of love with all of her closest friends!

Outdoor Cozies in Thermal Stitch

Use the super warm crochet thermal stitch to create matching hats, neck warmers, ear warmers, and wrist warmers for the whole family.

Marigolds Forever Scarf and Wristlets

This pattern was designed for my mother, who was born in October. Marigolds are October’s birth flower. It’s made with a chunky yarn and a large hook.

A Little Mermaid Skirt

The netting pattern in this skirt was chosen for its resemblance to fish scales, and I designed it with a slit in front so that your little land mermaid can run freely in it without tripping on it. It’s also very stretchy, so although the hem will get higher as your mermaid grows, she can probably still wear this skirt for another summer or two before it no longer fits.

Shark Tank

For this I wanted an airy pattern that could be worn in the summer, perhaps over a swimsuit at the beach. I picked this particular netting pattern because it reminded me of bubbles in the ocean. The edging is my own invention — an abstract homage to shark teeth.

A Garden of Fedoras

I’ve been wanting to develop a fedora pattern for quite some time. The fedora is part of Nick’s trademark look, and I’ve been dying to create matching father-daughter fedoras for him and Little Lovely.

Transformation Shawl

This shawl is actually a bit of a lesson in how different crochet stitch patterns relate to one another! We have dubbed it the Transformation Shawl because as you work, you will see how small shells transform into larger shells, then shell lace, and finally pineapples.

Missus Otis Mitts

These steampunk mitts feature a knit-look cabled stitch and shell-pattern cuff. It’s designed with negative ease in mind so that it stretches comfortably over your hand for a snug fit.

Kid’s Cosplay Hat

While this was intended as a hedgehog hat, one of our friends pointed out that it could also be used to dress up as Mew from Pokemon, so I’m just going to call this an all-purpose Kid’s Cosplay Hat.

Broomstick Lace Travel Hook Clutch

This pattern is both good practice for broomstick lace skills and a stylish way to store your crochet hooks. Simply slide your hooks into the eyelets of the inner lace band.

Granny Square Earrings

These earrings are a great beginner project for wire crochet. It uses a pattern you already know and love — the granny square!

April’s Elegance

Even you don’t know a thing about making jewelry, all you need to know to make this lovely necklace is the chain stitch and single crochet.

Crochet Easter Eggs

Ladies and gentlemen, in celebration of Easter this weekend, I would like to present to you a new way of decorating Easter eggs. This one does not involve any artificial dyes (depending on what type of yarn you use) and yields eggs that you can keep for years to come. That’s right — this year I decided to crochet my eggs.

Pussy Cat Sweater

Made from worsted weight, the Pussy Cat Sweater is designed to keep you warm this winter, yet it has a flattering fit.

Pillow Talk Bed Jacket

This Bed Jacket is just the thing for chilly mornings. It keeps you snug and warm while still allowing the freedom to crawl under the covers in bed or on the couch without a bulky robe getting in the way.

Dolled Up Blouse

Back in the 50s, women knew it took just as much time to throw on a skirt and sweater as it did a sweatshirt and dungarees, so why not pick the classier option? The Dolled Up Blouse is your key to looking styled, yet comfy, and it’s super easy to make.

Friendship Bracelets Through Thick & Thin

You know that old saying of being friends through thick and thin? I thought it would be cute to play on that concept with this crochet friendship bracelet design. One thin, the other thick. One for you, the other for a friend.

Three Hour Baby Sweater

Using thick yarn and a large hook, this pattern really does work up in 3 hours, and has nice drape, too.

Magnificent Mantle

This pattern uses the extended single crochet to add softness and drape to the scarf. The netted border adds length without bulk for versatility in styling.


Clapochet is worked on the diagonal, with chain spaces peppered throughout to create a versatile garment that can be worn as a scarf or a shawl.

Charmed Wrist Warmers

Pull these wrist warmers on over a pair of regular gloves to close the gap between your gloves and your coat sleeves.

Summer Dreams Anklet

Show off your legs with this lovely anklet. It’s the perfect complement for sandals and easy to crochet! The chain stitch is all you need to know to make it.

Swaddle Me Blankie

Are you looking for the perfect shower gift? This delicate corner-to-corner blankie even comes with instructions for swaddling.

Hope Bracelet

This delicate crochet bracelet makes a stunning gift when made from silver wire with genuine gemstones, and is inexpensive to make.

The Crocheter’s Messenger

This adorable bag sold for $145 at Crochetville’s 2007 auction! Features include a hook holder, yarn eyelets, and accessories pockets.

Ms. Kyle’s Kitty Collar

Your cat helps with your yarn projects every day. Isn’t it time you reward her with her very own crochet gift?

Quahog Beach Bag

For this crochet bag, I wanted something sturdy yet open to hold up to the sand. The lining is optional, but will help keep your beach books from getting sandy.

Sock Monkey Hand Puppet

This pattern was designed especially for charitable use by Heavenly Angels in Need. …And also because Nick wanted a crochet sock monkey.

Heavenly Hearts Afghan

This pattern was designed especially for charitable use by Heavenly Angels in Need, a (now closed) mothers’ bereavement and preemie support group.

Cuddles for Kitties

Imagine being lost in the world, having to live in a stainless steel cage until your forever family finds you and brings you home… Crochet Kitten’s Cuddles for Kitties project seeks to offer some comfort to lonely, homeless cats by providing animal shelters and rescue groups with much needed beds and cozy mats.

Furry Mouse Toy

My cats love these catnip-filled crochet mouse toys! Just be sure to supervise your kitties during playtime.

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