Crochet Kitten

Back-to-Nature Scarf

This is a concept scarf heavily inspired by Marie Segares’ Temperature Scarf. In my version, each day of the year is represented by two rows: one for the day’s high temperature, and one for the day’s low temperature and moon phase.

Bavarian Hat & Scoodie Set

My Bavarian crochet in rows and in the round tutorials have been so popular that I decided it was high time I created a pattern that features those stitch patterns. So when our neighbor asked me to design a hooded scarf for her daughter, I knew just how I wanted it to look!

Shining Armor

As the mother of a daughter, I am concerned about raising a child to believe she is not helpless. As encouraging as it’s been to see the trend of princesses in pop culture rescuing themselves lately, we decided our little princess needed her very own set of armor. Of course, this armored chest plate is suitable for boys as well.