Yarn is Not a Cat Toy

It’s important for all crocheters to know how to keep their kitties safe around their craft. Here are my tips on how to do so.

  • Never let Kitty play with yarn unsupervised, and especially don’t let her eat it.
  • Never leave yarn lying around where Kitty can get into it while home alone.
  • If you like to crochet toys or other things for your kitty, make sure all loose ends are woven in and well secured.
  • If you know your kitty has an affinity for eating yarn and string, crocheted gifts may not be the best things for her.
  • If your kitty starts vomiting or stops eating and you suspect she has eaten some yarn, get her to the vet right away!
  • If you notice yarn protruding from your kitty’s rectum, don’t pull it! You can cause internal damage. Again, get her to the vet right away.

Please crochet responsibly.