WIP Organization

Okay, be honest. How many works in progress do you have going right now? It’s more than one, right? How do you keep your current projects organized? Do you keep them each in their own project bag? Do you store everything with your bulk materials and pull it out as needed? Well I’d like to offer an amazing solution to all your WIP progress woes.

These, my friends, are sundry bags–also known as cosmetic bags, toiletry bags, etc.

They are perfect for WIP organization for several reasons:

  • They are clear, so you can easily see which project is being stored in that bag.
  • They come in all sizes, so you can use small ones for small projects and large ones for large projects (and for really large projects, you can use clear sweater storage bags).
  • Most are small enough that you can tuck them into a tote bag for on-the-go crocheting–and you’ll know you have all your supplies with you!
  • Many have zippered pockets for keeping smaller items like hooks and stitch markers.

Now doesn’t that look nicer than a pile of yarn in the bottom of your bag?