Measurements for Designers: Gloves

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Today I am starting the process of designing a fingerless glove set for the whole family (I love starting new designs! It’s my favorite thing!). And after the fun work of picking out yarn and stitch patterns comes figuring out how big to make them. The best way to do this is to measure the hand of the actual person who will be wearing the gloves, but what if you want to surprise that person, or make them to sell at craft fairs?

My friends, I have the mother of all charts for you.

This chart was assembled from numerous resources online dealing with average hand and arm sizes for men, women, and children. And now for your designing pleasure, they are all available here in a handy reference chart.

Hand Measurements (in Inches)

Palm Circumference3.754.254.555.566.577.589101112
Wrist Circumference3.754.254.555.
Upper Arm677.58.599.7510.2511121213151617
Palm Length1.
Thumb Length1.
Thumb Opening1.
Ring & Pointer Length1.71.922.
Mid Finger Length1.
Pinky Length1.51.71.822.
Wrist to Elbow3.2545.
Wrist to Underarm6.5810.512.51516.5171717.51818.519.52020.5

Size Abbreviations

  • I (infant)
  • T (toddler)
  • CS (child small)
  • CM (child medium)
  • CL (child large)
  • WXS (women’s x-small)
  • WS (women’s small)
  • WM (women’s medium)
  • WL (women’s large)
  • MS (men’s small)
  • MM (men’s medium)
  • ML (men’s large)
  • M1X (men’s 1X)
  • M2X (men’s 2X)