Measurements for Designers: Children

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With a growing little girl, I have been inundated with design inspiration for children’s crochet projects, but I wanted to be able to make my designs available to everyone, not just those with children who happen to be the same size as Little Lovely at the time of designing. As with women’s sizes, I’ve put quite a bit of research into “standard” measurements, which of course began with the Craft Yarn Council‘s recommendations, and I expanded from there. The following chart is what I have so far. I will add to it as necessary.

Children’s Measurements (in Inches)

Horizontal Measurement2T4T6810121416
Cross Back (shoulder to shoulder)9.259.7510.2510.7511.251212.2513
Upper Arm77.588.58.7599.259.5
Vertical Measurement2T4T6810121416
Back Waist (neck to waist)8.59.510.512.5141515.516
Armhole Depth4.254.7555.566.577.5
Hip Length (waist to hip)22222222
Tunic Length (waist to mid-thigh)66666666
Sleeve Length (wrist to underarm)8.510.511.512.513.5151616.5