Light-Up Crochet Star Ornament

It’s Christmas time at our house, and that means our dining room has become an impromptu Santa’s workshop for the month of December. Our family has a tradition of making Christmas ornaments to send with our Christmas cards each year, and this year I’ve been eyeing these fairy lights and thinking, “I bet I could crochet that.” And so my idea for light-up crochet star ornaments was born.

Fidget Sensory Toy

Fidget toys are often used in the autistic and ADHD communities for children who have trouble sitting still in class. The idea is to give their hands (or feet) something quiet to do in order to free up their brains to focus on their teacher.

Shining Armor

As the mother of a daughter, I am concerned about raising a child to believe she is not helpless. As encouraging as it’s been to see the trend of princesses in pop culture rescuing themselves lately, we decided our little princess needed her very own set of armor. Of course, this armored chest plate is suitable for boys as well.