Mardi Gras Masque

This week our family was invited to our first Mardi Gras celebration since before we had children, but ah non! Times are tough post-COVID, and this year I’ve resolved to try to make-do or make-new before I go out and buy anything. Thank goodness I have my crochet skills to fall back on! Why go out and buy a Mardi Gras mask when I can whip one up from scrap materials I already have on hand? This beauty works up in just a couple of hours, so you’ll be ready for even last-minute celebrations.

Light-Up Crochet Star Ornament

It’s Christmas time at our house, and that means our dining room has become an impromptu Santa’s workshop for the month of December. Our family has a tradition of making Christmas ornaments to send with our Christmas cards each year, and this year I’ve been eyeing these fairy lights and thinking, “I bet I could crochet that.” And so my idea for light-up crochet star ornaments was born.

Fidget Sensory Toy

Fidget toys are often used in the autistic and ADHD communities for children who have trouble sitting still in class. The idea is to give their hands (or feet) something quiet to do in order to free up their brains to focus on their teacher.