The Empowerment of Women’s Work

The notion of “women’s work” doesn’t seem to garner much respect these days, but once upon a time what we now call think of as “women’s work” were the typical jobs that were available to women to be able to contribute to the livelihood of their families. Is this a notion that should be demonized then, or should we rethink the concept of “women’s work” as tool that has through the ages empowered women to secure an income for themselves?

How Fiber Artists Got Us to the Moon

As we look back and remember the thousands of people who made the first lunar landing possible, I would like to turn our attention to a small group of ladies who could have been one of us back in 1969: The Little Old Lady core rope memory weavers.

Which Fiber Do I Choose?

The yarn world can start to seem overwhelming in options. How can one possibly narrow down all the available options to the particular project in mind?