It-Girl Headband

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Finished Size: One size fits all.

Pattern Level: Easy


  • Scrap 1/4-inch satin or grosgrain ribbon (use up to 6 different colors)
  • Scrap 1/8-inch ribbon in a color that matches your hair
  • Six 1-inch split rings (harvested from old keychains)
  • Size J-10 (6 mm) crochet hook


1. First Ring: Join 1/4-inch ribbon with sl st in split ring. Ch 1; 18 sc in ring if using grosgrain ribbon (24 sc in ring if using satin ribbon). Join with sl st in first sc in ring; finish off.

2. Second Ring: Work as for First Ring, except join with sl st to First Ring before finishing off.

3. Rings 3-6: Work as for First Ring, joining with sl st to the previous ring before finishing off, so that all six rings are joined in a straight line.

4. Ties: Join 1/8-inch ribbon with sl st in one of the end rings. Ch 48; finish off. Tie knot at end of ch to prevent unraveling. Repeat on the other end of the rings.

5. Weave in all ends.


  • ch (chain)
  • mm (millimeter)
  • sc (single crochet)
  • sl st (slip stitch)