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Yarn is Not a Cat Toy

It’s important for all crocheters to know how to keep their kitties safe around their craft. Here are my tips on how to do so.

Traveling Kitten: A Crochet Bedtime Story

Traveling Kitten bids farewell to his brother Osiris and sister Selena as he goes off to see the world. His first destination is yet unknown, but he promises to write and tell of his adventures. This book collects his correspondence and includes the crochet patterns for both Traveling Kitten and Traveling Pup.

The Empowerment of Women’s Work

The notion of “women’s work” doesn’t seem to garner much respect these days, but once upon a time what we now call think of as “women’s work” were the typical jobs that were available to women to be able to contribute to the livelihood of their families. Is this a notion that should be demonized then, or should we rethink the concept of “women’s work” as tool that has through the ages empowered women to secure an income for themselves?

The Jesse Tree: A Crochet Advent Calendar

The Jesse tree is a tradition that has been around since the Middle Ages, in which the ancestral line of Jesus is depicted in some artistic way. This idea in modern times has become an Advent calendar in which each day leading up to Christmas, an ornament representing a Bible story leading up to the birth of Jesus is added to the tree. “The Jesse Tree: A Crochet Advent Calendar” is a collection of 25 crochet patterns for such ornaments. A crocheter may choose to make them all in advance and give them as gifts to family and friends, or may choose to make one each day of the Advent season, praying over the included scripture references as the ornaments are completed.

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