Crochet Kitten

Crochet Kitten Redux

They say curiosity killed the cat, but the report of my death was an exaggeration. From the Great Computer Crash of 2009 to the Blog Migration of 2019, so much data was lost. I silenced the blog, thinking I was done forever. But it was not the end, for Nick had saved a copy — even copies upon copies. I felt life in me again, and I’ve been sent back until my creativity is done.

How Fiber Artists Got Us to the Moon

As we look back and remember the thousands of people who made the first lunar landing possible, I would like to turn our attention to a small group of ladies who could have been one of us back in 1969: The Little Old Lady core rope memory weavers.

Fidget Sensory Toy

Fidget toys are often used in the autistic and ADHD communities for children who have trouble sitting still in class. The idea is to give their hands (or feet) something quiet to do in order to free up their brains to focus on their teacher.